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This event has ended.

Fey Yoshida NPC

The Metaverse Champions Event began on May 6th. This event lasted 1 week, and the player was able to do a limited-time quest from Fey, an NPC in the Lobby. She could be found where the previous Meteor Shower Event took place, and is accompanied with a Fayrah named Burt, along with purple Roblox banners beside her.

Completing her quest the first time will earn you a Metaverse Egg and a Metaverse Theme Potion. The player can repeat the quest every 35 minutes. Upon completing subsequent quests, you will receive a Metaverse Egg and a limited Metaverse dragon accessory or Metaverse Theme Potion.


Fey’s quest involves the player to go over and visit Jack the Lumberjack, as to prepare for the upcoming Fire Monster attack. Once the player talks to him, they will be required to pick up 3 wooden planks with any dragon. Only one wooden plank may be picked up at a time. Once the player has done this, Jack the Lumberjack will request the player to go over to Karen.

Karen is located in the farmland area, and requires the player to patch up a leaky pipe by using a dragon’s elemental breath, it is also said that you can bite the pipe, as it will still be patched. Each time a leak in the pipe is fixed, a green checkmark will display over it. Once all of the leaks have been fixed, Karen asks the player to talk to Fey if anymore missions need to be done.

The Fire Monster is the boss mob for this event

Upon reaching Fey again and talking to her, the sky suddenly turns red and large meteors come hurdling out of the snowy region into the village. She explains that she wasn’t expecting the Fire Monster to come this early, and asks the player to fight it.

Once at the snowy tundra region, the Fire Monster can be seen. It has a large red aura above it and below it, and has 5,000 health, along with being black in color with a spiked tail, horns, and red streaks across its body. In order for the player to receive their reward from Fey, they must defeat the Fire Monster. You will always do 250 damage despite what the stats for your dragon are. Once defeated, the player may revisit Fey again.

Fey will reward the player with a Metaverse Chest. Inside the Metaverse Chest is a guaranteed Metaverse Egg and Metaverse Theme Potion or a limited accessory. The player can redo the mission after 35 minutes, or can completely skip the process of waiting for 25 Robux.


Metaverse Egg and Metaverse Theme Potion

The following items below can be obtained from completing Fey’s mission. There are a total of 7 Metaverse rewards, including the Metaverse Egg, the Metaverse Theme Potion and 5 accessories for your dragon.

Metaverse Chest Items
Item Type
Metaverse Egg Egg
Metaverse Theme Potion Potions
Cyber Armbands (L&R) Accessory
Jump Sets (L&R) Accessory
Cyber Mask Accessory
Fey’s Headgear Accessory
Meta Jump Pack Accessory


A player holding a Metaverse Egg

There are a total of 3 dragons that can hatched from the Metaverse Egg. The Metaverse Egg itself is purple and fades to blue, with pink, yellow, and purple scales. Purple Roblox logo particles be seen coming off the egg. It takes 30 seconds to hatch. The egg can only be obtained from completing Fey’s quest.

There is a 2.5% chance of hatching a Fayrah (Phoenix), which is classified as “Super Rare” from the Metaverse Egg, and a 48.8% chance of hatching either a Rocirus (Starter) or Saurium (Fluffy Raptor).

Dragons hatched from these eggs can possess rare elements such as Antimatter, Wraith, and even Aurora Borealis.

With the Lucky Egg Gamepass, there is a 4.88% chance of hatching a Fayrah from the Metaverse Egg.

There is no cap on how many Fayrahs the player can hatch in this event.

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